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Phoenix Global Capital is a leading global venture capital fund and private equity company dedicating to help growth stage entrepreneurs to achieve worldwide recognition and meaningful portfolio company with our profound and professional insights, consulting, operating, technology and financial management experience.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

— Warren Buffett

02Introduction to PGC

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“I am a firm believer of this vision that an ecosystem can exist where absolute justice is implemented among markets and people alike, where no person or entity is an absolute authority, except the law.

— Michael Gan

03Introduction to PGC

We encourage the innovated mind and those who fully enthusiastic to push human beings into another generation through their cutting edge technology.

We invest the future
Bleeding-edge technologies are always turn into an innovation and change the world, we are standing in the eye of revolution storm and impact the future investment.

04Introduction to PGC


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